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Benefits of having Butterry account

·        Having an Butterry account makes you as our privilege customer that gives you the benefits to enjoy discounts and promotions

·        Send free reminder of your important occasions, whether it is personal, holiday, or business

·        A track of your previous purchases/orders

·        Billing and delivery information

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Forgot your password

·        Click on My Account on the top right corner of the page

·        Click on ‘Forgotten Password’

·        Enter your Email ID and click on continue

·        A reset password will be sent to your registered email ID

If you don’t remember your user ID and password

If you have forgotten your login ID and password and not able to login to our website then contact to recover your login ID and password and to recover the same please share any of the below mentioned details:

·        Any previous order number

·        Alternative email ID if provided

·        Your personal details

How do I modify or manage Address Book?

·        Address Book allows you to manage your shipping addresses

·        You can use this to update your various recipients’ address or your own

·        To add new address in your Address Book click on ‘My Account’ and select ‘Modify your address book entries’ then click on ‘New Address’ button update your new address or your recipient’s address then click continue

·        To edit or delete any existing address use the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ button

How do I change my personal details of my account?

·        You can change or modify your personal details of your account anytime and from anywhere

All you have to do is login to your Butterry account, click on ‘My Account’ then click on ‘Edit your account information’ and change your personal details at your convenience  



We are happy to help you regarding any queries about your order.

How to place an order?

·        Login to your Butterry account, select an item, choose the date on which you want the item to be delivered and click on ‘Add to Cart’

·        Call us at +91 9844374437 to place your order long with product code

·        Email us with the product details to

How to check the status of an order

·        Once you confirm and complete your order, an automated e-mail will be sent to your registered email ID that will confirm and summarize your order

·        To view the status of your order click on ‘My Account’ and ‘View your order history’

How do I add to my order?

·        You can add any number of items to your order before completing your transaction

·        New items cannot be added to your order once the order is completed and order number is generated

·        However you can make fresh order

Can I change my order information?

·        After completing an order if you wish to change your order information you can contact us at

·        You should contact us at least 24 hours prior to the delivery date/time

·        If your order is already shipped, couriered, or already delivered we are sorry to say that we can’t change your order information 

If I have problem while placing order, what should I do?

·        Sometime due to high traffic on our website it may take couple of hours for your order to reflect in ‘My Account’ section

·        However, any difficulty you face while placing order you can contact us through phone or email us

How do I cancel my order?

·        To cancel your order, please write to us at

·        You will able to cancel your order within 24 hours from the date of purchase and the cancellation will be confirmed within 24 hours and you will be sent an automatized confirmation mail

·        In case of Express Order we ship within 24 hours, the order can be cancelled only if it has not been processed and shipped

·        If you want to cancel any specific item from an order you should call us before the order is processed, suppose if you have placed an order to be delivered in an hour make sure you call us before an hour.

·        The refund will then be credited within 7 working days if your account has been debited

·        All cancellations and refunds are subject to approval by



Can I ‘Say it my way’ through personalized message with the gift?

·        Yes, you can send your gift with a personalized message and say it in your way

·        You can add your personalized message in the ‘checkout page’ under the ‘Delivery Method’ option and enter your message to the recipient below the ‘Add Comments About Your Order’ tab

What is a shopping cart?

The ‘Shopping Cart’ is a virtual bag that stores your selected items until your complete your order. You can see the ‘Shopping Cart’ icon on the right corner of the website page; the cart has two options ‘View Cart’ clicking on which you can view the details of the selected items and ‘Checkout’ option to complete your order.

What is Checkout?

Checkout is virtual point where you pay your bill and acts same as the manual payment counter. Once you choose your items and store it in shopping cart then next step is to click on Checkout button where you will be asked to which starts the moment you click on the 'Checkout' button. Here you will be asked to enter the shipping and billing details where you can also leave your personalized message below the delivery method along with choose your payment mode.


Payment accepts the following payment for your orders

Ø Internet Banking

Ø Credit Card

Ø Debit Card

Ø Cash Card

·        While completing your order, select the card type of your choice then you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway

·        Fill in your banks details, once the payment has been accepted, we recommend to keep the details of your transaction summary

·        You can rely on us as your bank card details are encrypted on your computer and then directed to a secure server for approval where your details are confirmed with your bank to prevent fraud.

Please be aware that will not keep any of details on file


Payment Problems

·        Your transaction can be declined for various reasons

·        You could have entered incorrect credit card or debit card number by mistake

·        Entered wrong CVV number

·        Entered wrong PIN

·        Sometimes due to some technical issues your payment problem may occur, we request you to please try again after some time. Otherwise, you can get in touch with us by writing to us at